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Galley - Your Culinary Haven on Wheels

In the first installment of our Ramble Kit series, we dive into the heart of the van - the Galley. Designed with your culinary adventures in mind, our Galley boasts top-notch features that elevate your van life experience to new heights. It's your culinary haven on wheels.

Imagine having everything you need to prepare gourmet meals or whip up a quick snack while surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. The Galley in our Ramble Kit is equipped with an Isotherm 85 refrigerator with a freezer, ensuring your food stays fresh and drinks chilled throughout your journey.

The convenience of an induction stove allows for effortless cooking, while the stainless steel sink by Torva makes clean-up a breeze. No matter where your wanderlust takes you, you'll have a fully functional kitchenette to satisfy your inner chef.

Additionally, we've added a fold-down table on the outside of your van, perfect for grilling under the open sky and savoring meals in the great outdoors. With four spacious drawers, storage is never an issue - keeping your kitchenware and essentials neatly organized at all times.

Explore the culinary possibilities with our Galley in the Ramble Kit and embrace the joy of cooking amidst nature's beauty.

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