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DIY Sprinter Van Kitchen Kit

A DIY Sprinter Van Kitchen is an easy way to turn your Sprinter Van into a mobile kitchen. It’s also a great way to add some extra storage space.

The essential aspects of the kitchen in your van are a sink, stove and frig along with some storage for utensils and cookware. It's also nice to add a fold down table to the outside facing side of the galley to allow you to cook outside on a portable stove. The kitchen galley is really a hub between your van and the outside world. Placing the frig at the front of the galley opposite the passenger side front seat allows for access to the frig from both inside and outside the van. Just reach in and grab another beer while your playing that 20th game of cornhole.

Of course the sink is essential to the galley and some things to consider when choosing one is the depth and faucet placement. A lot of the RV type sinks are rather shallow and are messy to work with when washing dishes. A deeper sink allows for less mess and also for leaving the dishes in the sink until you get to the next watering hole in case you are low on or out of water. This can happen quite easily actually.

Some other things you can add to the galley are a shower to allow for outdoor showers. USB ports to charge either inside or outside the van.

Here is the exploded view of an Infinity Van galley for reference to construction of your next van kitchen.

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