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Infinity Vans’ Conversion Kits are the ultimate solution for both adventurers and professionals alike. Designed for flexibility, our kits seamlessly transform your van into a cozy retreat for weekend getaways or a mobile office for digital nomads.


For contractors, our specially designed work van kits provide a robust, organized space where functionality meets efficiency, turning your vehicle into a reliable workstation on wheels.


Crafted from premium finished birch multiply or eco-conscious bamboo, and also available in a sleek laminated multiply version, our kits are not only durable but also visually appealing.


Embrace the freedom to work and play anywhere with Infinity Vans!

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Best Sellers


Are You Ready to Ramble?!

Infinity Vans Ramble Kit

Our Ramble van panel kits are a full build for a 144 Sprinter designed for easy van conversions.

These van kits are everything you need to convert your van into a beautifully functional living space with a kitchen galley, bed, dinette area, power and water cabinets, and upper storage.